Boo! Steer Clear of These Scary Marketing Tactics

funny-stop-stahp-scared-cat-pics A chill is in the air, pumpkin spice is in your latte and the fall leaves are making a beautiful scene on your neighbor’s front lawn. As you stroll happily down the street, you begin to get the sense that something is following you. You quicken your pace, swiftly walking the short distance to your home. You lock the door and back away from it, looking for any sign that what’s lurking out there was still coming for you. Before you can breathe a sigh of relief, you hear a noise and realize: the sound is coming from inside the house. That annoying brand that you thought you could get away from was there all along, waiting for you to flip on your TV or sign in to Twitter.

October is the month of ghosts and ghouls, but that doesn’t mean your brand’s marketing should be full of scary tactics. To keep the fights to a minimum, avoid the following marketing mayhem.

Stop Boarding Up Your Digital Home

Nobody visits boarded up blogs or social media pages that look like they’re a location for the next zombie apocalypse. Keep your site and your social accounts updated, or just opt out of them altogether.

Put The Chainsaw Away

In a world where people are chased with ads by brands that act like a maniac with a chainsaw, you don’t want to be the loudest and shrillest voice they hear. You want to be that brand that people want to engage with, not the one that they hide on Facebook because you’re talking at them all day, every day.

Don’t Require an Exorcism

Exorcist meme


When someone wants to stop receiving your newsletter, catalog or service, don’t make it an act of God for them to unsubscribe. Entice them to stay, but give them an easy option for getting out of the loop—no priest required.


Sarah Gabbart is an expert in helping companies find their voice. A firm believer in the power of human-friendly business copy, she strives to make even the most complicated stories engaging. Sarah brings over a decade of industry-diverse experience in copywriting, corporate communications, and small-business management to the GlobalWrites team, and enjoys a regular contributor role at Houstonia Magazine.