JoAnn Takasaki

Creative Copy Director and Founder of GlobalWrites

It takes a professional wordsmith to shape words into compelling messages that inspire, excite and compel. It takes a market savvy innovator who understands the interplay between the medium and the message to strategically use print, media and online channels to maximize a message’s impact. As the founder of GlobalWrites, JoAnn Takasaki brings these skills and more to a diverse client base comprised of corporations, small businesses, government organizations, non-profits and individuals.

Driven by instinct and experience, JoAnn spent the past fifteen years refining her craft and specializing in web-based copy for companies that need a competitive, global reach in an increasingly crowded online market. After earning a degree in English with a minor in International Relations from Smith College, JoAnn began her career working for non-profits before strategically positioning herself in the emerging Internet industry where she has been at the forefront of web marketing and online trends since 1996. She started in Sales and Marketing at an internet start-up, eventually moving into a Project Lead and management role for the Web Development and New Media Services department, helping the company quickly grow from 10 employees to 300.

By 1999, the internet was fundamentally changing the way companies did business and Bank United sought JoAnn’s expertise to take their “brick and mortar” services online. As Vice President of E-Commerce, JoAnn played a pivotal role in shifting the perception of technology from a back-office support function into a key business driver, with Morgan Stanley recognizing Bank United’s model as a “Best Internet Strategy.” She later went on to work for Idea Integration, one of Advertising Weeks’ Top 50 Interactive Agencies and a leader in developing e-marketing strategies and solutions for Fortune 500 companies like Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft.

Eventually, JoAnn abandoned the relative comfort of a corporate job for the freedom to showcase her diverse skills as a freelance consultant and writer–she never looked back. A multi-dimensional writer, JoAnn can easily shift from developing content for to creating style guides and editing copy for several World Bank organizations to writing about regional travel destinations for online and print publications or delighting Houston foodies with editorial restaurant reviews for Her popularity as a Houston blogger resulted in a recurring segment on the Houston Fox affliliate’s news program where she covered the latest happenings in Houston. JoAnn’s rare combination of business acumen and creative drive led to the formation of GlobalWrites in 2011. To meet growing demands, JoAnn is leading a team of experienced writers, consultants and strategists to serve the unique needs of clients from anywhere on the globe.

While JoAnn is now focussed on growing GlobalWrites, she does continue to keep up with food, events, music and travel.