Demystifying Government-speak: Houston Civic Writeathon

Houston Civic Writeathon
Writers, designers, and civil servants coming together to improve government communication.

Writers, designers and civil servants from the City of Houston will be coming together on Feb. 22nd to host the city’s first-ever Houston Civic Writeathon. Together, we’ll be helping to translate government-speak into clear communication through words and images. We’re still fine-tuning all the details so do check the Houston Civic Writeathon site for the latest information. Thanks to January Advisors and our incredible list of organizing partners for inviting GlobalWrites to be a part of this important event for the City of Houston and  for helping to make this happen!

Ok. That’s neat. But what is a “Writeathon” anyway?

Styled after hackathons, participants pick a project (from our growing list of curated projects), form teams who then spend the next 4.5 hours working together intensely to re-interpret it into information that citizens can easily understand.

The City of Honolulu did it in 2012 with the launch of Honolulu Answers, a site that answers the most frequently asked questions. Following their model, the City of Oakland and Miami did something similar in the summer of 2013.

Wow! I’ve got some great ideas for projects. Can I submit them?

Of course you can via the Contact form on! Since we want to make the most of our short time, we’ll be curating these projects beforehand. In other words, we’ll be selecting project ideas and reaching out to City of Houston folks to make sure we’ve got experts in the topic for the greatest chance of success.

I’m a writer / graphic designer with mad communication and infographic-making skills. Where do I register?

You can register via the link on