Vintage Verses: 3 Writing Tips from The Elements of Style

Retro clothing, classic cars, Mad Men and martinis on the rocks — there’s just something about a bygone era that’s just so dang cool. While not everyone can go full-on Don Draper and start pushing a bar cart around the office, we can glean some easy-to-use tips from the past thanks to a little book called “The Elements of Style.”

Inconsistent Documentation Sends a Message

Making documentation consistent and cohesive conveys information about the company’s management and organizational style and values. Creating and updating corporate content and documentation for consistency provides clear, readable information to employees and customers. Here’s how to create a standardized documentation system for future documents, and how to update current ones.

Policies and Procedures for Corporate Communications

Consistency with established corporate branding and identity is crucial: “Loose cannon” messages can play havoc with a company’s image, costing a great deal of money and time to overcome. Documenting firm policies and procedures with regard to corporate communications and disseminating them company-wide can help forestall embarrassing or damaging statements from misinformed personnel.