Strategic Sharing Using Pulse by LinkedIn and Flipboard

Every business needs a content strategy for social media, and part of that strategy is sharing other people’s posts. Mobile apps like Pulse by LinkedIn (Android/Iphone) and Flipboard will help you find good content quickly that is industry specific. If you tie in these apps with a social media scheduling app like Hootsuite or Buffer, you will have the power to search for, schedule, and share new content while you’re on the go.

Stay Mobile, Stay Social

February is for lovers, and that means engagement. Have you lost your social media mojo? Do you need to rekindle the camaraderie with your internal team? We’re here to help. Our team of GlobalWriters understand the unique challenges our clients face in industries like Energy, Oil and Gas, Health Care, and the Public Sector. All month long we are presenting ways to engage your communities inside and outside the office to improve your business.