3 Things Every Business Should Be Doing to Improve Their Luck

cloverAre you wearing something green today? Do you know why you might get pinched if you don’t? It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, of course!

Saint Patrick is celebrated for bringing Christianity to the Irish. He supposedly used the three leaves of the shamrock to help explain the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans. Clearly his message worked and his effective efforts have been recognized since the early seventeenth century. Now THAT’s an enduring message.

You may not be able to create centuries old traditions, but how do you make a lasting impression about your business? There may be a little bit of luck involved but it’s mostly through strategic thinking, your ability to tell a compelling story and how many people you can convert (err, I mean reach). Here are three ways you can improve your luck through consistent messaging and hard work:

Develop a Strategic Framework

A blank slate can be intimidating, but starting with a strategic framework for your business will be a catalyst for attracting good talent, investors and vendors. It also keeps everyone on track.

Breakaway Innovation Group’s Strategic Framework is a great reference point. It asks:

  • What’s the big idea that sums up your uniqueness?
  • What is your mission statement that inspires your team?
  • What daily actions fulfill that statement?
  • What makes you remarkable?
  • How are you transforming your industry?

Get these ideas down and you’ll create a lot of opportunities.

Tell a Compelling Story

Public speaking and writing may not be your strongest skills, but never underestimate the power and value of using the right words to make an impact and gain clients.

Elliott Bisnow is a young entrepreneur with a compelling vision for Summit Series. He has a story to tell about moving Summit Series to Utah’s Powder Mountain. Elliott and his team wanted to develop an enriching community rivaling the likes of Aspen and put Powder Mountain on the global map.

Another example is Grant Verstandig who turned a knee injury into a fast-growing business that could potentially reshape the health of our nation. His story about starting Audax Health is a must-read.

Your audience doesn’t want a list of your offers or product features… they want a story. Give it to them and you’ll win them over.

Reach the Right People

It’s a recurring theme in many success stories. “I just happened to meet someone through a friend or acquaintance and they turned out to be the most amazing contact for my business.”

Yes, serendipity and luck can play a part — but a surer bet would be putting thought and effort into your business and relationships. If your well-practiced story is fun for people to retell or ignites a mental spark, that’s more likely than luck to lead you to an unbelievable introduction.

A perfect example is Grant Verstandig’s connection with a Georgetown professor that led to the former CEO of Apple, John Sculley, joining the board of Audax. Did I mention Grant is 24 years old?

It doesn’t matter if you are young, old, starting a new company or working in a well-established enterprise, everyone is in a sales role and has a message to tell to help grow the business. If you are new to an area, join the chapter of a business networking group like BNI or your local Chamber of Commerce. They are both great practice grounds for meeting new people and learning how to perfect your message so it captures interest and ultimately new clients.

Personally, as a McMullen, I celebrate March 17th in honor of my Irish heritage and use it as a great excuse to get together with cherished friends. Check out more fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day on Wikipedia… and have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!