Give Great Content Without Expecting to Receive


As a small business owner I’m involved in a lot of networking groups in order to stay in touch with my market, expand my offerings through expanding my knowledge, and to get my name out there for continued relevancy in my profession. 99% of the time these groups are full of valuable, trustworthy resources to aid in these endeavors — however, every now and then someone comes along pitching their services in a rather dubious manner.

To elaborate, in one of these groups, there is a person who has been posting to the group on a semi-monthly basis requesting that people send him the link to their website so he can check it out. From what I’ve heard, it starts out great and then ends up with them needing to re-do everything at a high cost. Not only is this not helpful, but it’s misleading from the start and creates more frustration as it becomes a drain in time and money.

Creating helpful content for your audience is crucial to establishing your credibility and maintaining your relationship with your customers — but make sure you’re not giving only for the purpose of receiving because your audience sees right through that.

We all need to get our message out to our target audience, but there is a way to do so without being annoying. So the next time you endeavor to broaden your business, follow these 3 tips for increasing your business without being put on spam lists.

Be Sincere

Whether it is through email or a post to a networking group, the first correspondence should be about how YOU can help THEM. As they see a benefit they will be more likely to contact you for more information.

Know Your Audience

Make sure that what you offer is relevant to your audience. One size doesn’t fit all, so just because you think you offer a service that everyone should use, it doesn’t mean you actually do. Make sure you understand your audience and their needs before offering to help them.

Be Open to Building Trust

Some people will be willing to work with you based on your charm, but most are going to want to have a trial period to get comfortable with you — and in all reality, that’s a good thing for both of you. Building a relationship takes time.

If all else fails, treat others the way you want to be treated. No one wants to be bombarded by messages telling them to do more work or offering benefits that don’t exist. Be sincere, knowledgeable, and helpful and you’ll find the success you’re looking for.

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