Do I Need to Hire a Technical Writer?

The Technical Writer Builds a Bridge Between Users and Developers

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Creating amazing software/hardware is one thing. Explaining how it works is another.

If your business develops software applications and/or hardware products, then you need to hire a Technical Writer. Even the most intuitive mobile applications like Instagram and plug and play hardware products like Beats By Dre headphones need and have documentation explaining how they are used. You can rely on a Technical Writer to:

  • Create instructions on how to use software/hardware.
  • Create diagrams and other visualizations that explain technical concepts.
  • Record video tutorials that show how to use technical products.

Sometimes the developers are too close to their inventions to explain them to a users on a basic level, and developers are very busy  working on new ideas. A Technical Writer will:

  • Interview subject matter experts to ask questions and learn more about products to tell a story.
  • Create e-learning courses and training simulations for users.
  • Create technology how-to articles that facilitate marketing the product to users.
  • Identify the best help authoring tool for the application or web site.
  • Relay feedback from users to development teams through usability testing, training, etc.

The Technical Writer is Mobile

In the world of mobile apps, the Technical Writer takes on a UX role, analyzing the user interface and determining how and where to integrate help content in key places. Rather than having to leave the app to search a help forum, users should have an uninterrupted experience. The Technical Writer helps match the app developer’s intentions with the users’ perspective.

Every industry has technical documentation needs. Contact us today to team up with our Technical Writers.