Taking Risks — Why Risk It?


As every entrepreneur (or wanna-be entrepreneur) knows, there is a significant element of risk in going after your dreams.

GlobalWrites consultant Ellie McMullen is passionate about growing start-ups and she shares the story of how she got to where she is — risk and all.


[box]With only $412 remaining in my checking account, I heavily weighed the pros and cons and then decided to spend $5,000 on an Entrepreneurship Boot Camp at Babson College. Hmm, would it be worth the risk?

Let me backup a bit and admit that I’m a risk-taker who thrives on self-imposed deadlines and 11th hour pushes that drive others crazy. [Insert repeated personal apologies to GlobalWrites’ Editor Extraordinaire, Jessica Mehring.] Procrastination, a trait inherited from my father (according to my mother), is just one symptom out of many that make up my disease. Plus, I love to travel and a trip to Boston seemed long overdue. Thanks, AmEx, for never being the voice of reason and never telling me no.

I firmly believe the universe rewards those who are willing to put some skin in the game and who are able to broadcast what they need to everyone around them. A great example of the latter happened while visiting Charleston, SC for the first time at the end of March. I was digesting an amazing meal from Husk at The Bar at Husk, when a nice man eavesdropped on my response to the question, “So, what do you do back in DC?” and then introduced himself. It turns out that my simple statement of, “I help start-ups get to the next level,” caught his attention. He had a couple start-ups in the hopper and wanted to discuss them over lunch in April. How serendipitous!

At the end of our meeting, I had a napkin contract stating I would own 10% of his new company. In exchange, I would be the face of the company and responsible for marketing the new products and services. Was it worth the risk to jump on board? “Why not?” I told myself. But honing my entrepreneurial skills immediately became priority number one.

Babson’s Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, which I attended in May, far exceeded my expectations and not only created a worldwide network of go-getters at every stage in business, but truly armed me with the foundation I needed to make confident decisions. The little venture I joined with the gentleman at the bar in South Carolina now has five partners and we’re quickly gaining momentum. Sorry, no rags to riches success story to share, yet, but the excitement of living on the edge makes every day an excuse to jump out of bed with a renewed sense of purpose, direction and excitement.

Regardless of the outcome, yeah, it’s worth it. Now go out there and take a risk! You’ll regret it if you don’t.[/box]
It can feel risky to invest time or money into something that you are not sure will improve things. Ellie took a risk to invest her time and money in that entrepreneurship program. Her business partner took a risk bringing Ellie into his new business.

What skin do you have in the game? Is it maybe time to think about hiring professionals to help you craft your message and produce your written materials and content?

A Red Adair quote I often use when talking with business owners and professionals is, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” You are excellent at what you do. We are excellent at what we do. Give us a call or contact us online and find out how professional copywriters can help your business thrive.