Stay Mobile, Stay Social

networkingFebruary is for lovers, and that means engagement. Have you lost your social media mojo? Do you need to rekindle the camaraderie with your internal team? We’re here to help. Our team of GlobalWriters understand the unique challenges our clients face in industries like Energy, Oil and Gas, Health Care, and the Public Sector. All month long, we are presenting ways to engage your communities inside and outside the office to improve your business.


Love at First Sight: Visual Storytelling

You need to be a looker, and that means you need to give your audience something to look at. Video and visual should be top priority items for clients in 2015 according to Julie Pippert, panelist at last month’s Energy Digital Summit Houston Social Media Bootcamp and marketing pro at Artful Media Group. GlobalWriter Heather Williamson can get you started with Six Steps for Video SuccessPart 1 and Part 2, and guest writer Grace Rodriguez will help you turn your visual storytelling into Innovative Storytelling.

Embrace Mobile

Good lovers don’t rush, because they’re not in a hurry. Here are some apps help you save time, not waste it. Buffer and Hootsuite are two excellent apps for scheduling your social media posts. Flipboard and LinkedIn’s Pulse curate relevant news articles for the industries you select in your settings in easy to browse interfaces, so you can spend less time searching through articles and more time sharing content and being social with your audience. Task manager apps like integrate with your calendar and keep your to-do list available to you on all of your desktop and mobile devices. With all the time you save, you will be able to make time to respond to the posts you scheduled, and you will be in control.

Play the Field

But know which field you are playing. If your audience is consumer-based, social networks like Facebook and Instagram would be a better fit than platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, where more B2B conversations are happening. For times when you want to share the same article to different audiences across multiple platforms, make sure you tailor your message for each audience so that it resonates the most. How do you do that and maintain a consistent voice of your company? That’s where hiring a good copywriter can make a big difference. Think of us as your wingman. Or wingwoman.