More Than Words: Multimedia Strategy in Social Media

How many ways can you tell a story? Which way is the quickest?

Social media outlets are evolving to tell stories more quickly and visually. Does this mark the end for the written word? No, but it does stress the importance of a multimedia approach to social media.

Words + Pictures + Audio + Videos = Your Story

Whether your company is trying to build brand awareness or increase sales, a strong social media presence is necessary to thrive. Once you have answered the two most important questions to ask before choosing a social platform,  there are many tools to help tell your story:

Twitter: Users have 140 characters to share a message. Originally Twitter only included text and links, but it has evolved to integrate A/V streaming and photos directly into a user’s home feed, making it one of the best networks to post your informative stories.

Vine: Users post six-second videos. Why only six seconds? Why not! If your company can create a clever video that is 6 seconds long, those six seconds can go a long way, especially when it comes to engaging Millenials.  

Instagram: Originally a place to share photos, it has evolved to include the option of recording 3-15 second videos as a Vine competitor.

Pinterest: A network that allows users to create photo boards from images around the Web. You can also invite other users to post photos to your board based on a particular topic. For example, recently held a Halloween photo contest using their This Is Halloween Board.

YouTube: Your long-format video hub (videos over fifteen seconds). BMW recently launched an exciting car choreography video that ends with the hashtag #BMWStories that can be used in other social network posts.

Facebook, Google+: These are the largest social networks on the Web, and the content that you create through other social networks can be shared to the widest audiences here.

LinkedIN: Similar in structure to Google+ and Facebook when it comes to sharing, LinkedIN is best for content reaching a business professional audience.  

No matter what social networks you use, the stories you tell need to follow a multimedia approach to reach a wide audience.