Strategic Sharing Using Pulse by LinkedIn and Flipboard

Every business needs a content strategy for social media, and part of that strategy is sharing other people’s posts. Mobile apps like Pulse by LinkedIn (Android/Iphone) and Flipboard will help you find good content quickly that is industry-specific. If you tie in these apps with a social media scheduling app like Hootsuite or Buffer, you will have the power to search for, schedule, and share new content while you’re on the go.networking

Who Should You Follow? Be Selective.

On Pulse, you decide which publishers, people, and channels to follow. For example, you might follow Scientific American, Stephen Hawking, and Space if you are interested in science-related content. Follow your favorite CEO so you can share their content while it’s fresh and engage early.

On Flipboard, you decide which people and topics to follow, and you can also pull in your other social media accounts and subscriptions. For example, if you are a paid subscriber to the New York Times, you can allow Flipboard to access your subscription, making it easier to browse relevant NYT articles. Or you can grant Flipboard access to your Twitter or YouTube accounts and Flipboard will pull in who you follow on Twitter or the channels you subscribe to on YouTube. Setting up these apps takes only a few minutes, and you will be able to browse multiple news sources from one place.

Schedule to Win

You found a great post on your Pulse or Flipboard account. Actually, you found five. Great! Now it’s time to share, and share wisely. Hootsuite and Buffer are social media management apps that allow you to schedule your social media posts to come out at your audience’s favorite time of day. You will need to grant these apps access to your Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook, and other relevant accounts.

Once you have found a post that you like in Flipboard or Pulse, click the share button and select either the Buffer or Hootsuite icon. The post is pulled into the social media management app of your choice, and then you can schedule the time of day it will come out.

Find Your Cocktail

You might prefer Buffer to Hootsuite, or Hootsuite to Buffer. You might find 75% of the posts you share on Pulse, and only 25% on Flipboard, or on a completely different app that speaks to you for finding content to share. We encourage you to explore these apps and find your favorite cocktail. Cheers to your shared success!