Spring Forward: Refresh Your Marketing Collateral

Does Spring make you think of fresh starts and new beginnings? Are fresh ideas, graphics and content what you see when you look at your marketing brochures, business cards and website? If your marketing collateral makes you cringe because you see old content, outdated logos, or a tired color scheme it might be time to refresh your marketing material, applying it to both online and printed marketing materials to propel your business forward.

Reuse and Refresh Relevant Content

spring-flowerJust because some of the information in your marketing collateral is outdated doesn’t mean that you have to start from scratch. It is important that your message and your brand are relevant to your clients, and if you have already developed a solid voice and brand that you love, leave it alone. Look for the content that no longer fits with your messaging but is still showing up on brochures, business cards or your website. Once you have identified the content that no longer works, decide whether to just eliminate it or to replace it with newer, more relevant content. Maybe your logo no longer fits the image you want to convey. Is your tagline still aligned with your business goals? If not, tweak it so that it propels your business forward by sending the message you want your audience to hear.

Consistency is Key

Do all of your marketing pieces convey the same branding and message? Review all of your marketing pieces to be sure that old, tired content has been removed and is replaced consistently with updated, relevant content and logos. Your brand helps your current and prospective clients to recognize you and your reputation. If this isn’t consistent, you are sending a message that you don’t really know who you are and what you deliver.

Help your clients know what you stand for, what you provide and what they can expect from you and your business EVERY TIME! Clients come back for more when they are happy with the product or service you provided the first time. They want to know that this is what they can count on next time. A style guide can help coalesce your logo, key graphics and phrases into consistent messaging that lets clients know that they can count on you. This says “Our business is reliable”. Repeat design elements and colors in all of your marketing pieces from the website to marketing brochures to internal documentation and business cards.

Highlight a Clear Call to Action

Do you give potential clients an easy way to take action? Click Here or Call Us Today for a Quote lets them know you are ready to work with them and provide satisfaction. If clients have to hunt for your email or contact information, or it isn’t clear what they will get when they do reach out to you, many prospects will hesitate and not click that button, make that call or send that email. Make it easy by letting clients know what to do and what they will get: Call for a free estimate, Download a brochure to find out more, etc.

If you don’t already have this information in your marketing collateral, add it now to propel your business forward and make it easy for clients to work with you. Incorporating your contact information into the overall design of your print and online materials makes it simple for clients to get to you.

Use Interesting, Relevant Graphics

One thing that makes many marketing pieces and websites look outdated are dull or old graphics. An interesting graphic draws prospective customers to your site and makes them want to send an email or download your brochure. While the content and the message have to be compelling, you can help by providing graphics that draw in the reader and highlight your business solution. Choose an image that says “Here is you with this product/service”.

New graphics can be just the right touch to bring a fresh look and feel to your marketing collateral and can send an energizing message to your audience. Be creative when selecting or creating images to enhance your message.

Let spring fever energize you to refresh your marketing material and clean up your image and your brand. Take advantage of the surge of spring energy to propel your business forward with an updated, consistent, refreshed look for your business and your message.

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