What’s Your Communication Resolution?


It’s the middle of January, the first month of a new year. In the spirit of looking forward, you probably made some resolutions for your business, which is important for continued growth.

Many resolutions come in the form of change and offering something new. However, there is a lot of possibility in simply refining what is already working for you, as it’s important to recognize there are some things worth holding on to.

Communication via E-newsletters — Check in with your current strategy. How is your list looking? Do you need to increase your subscribers? Do you have an eye-catching look with a powerful message to convey? Taking stock of your current strategy and making refinements where necessary is one of the most important steps to maintaining successful communication.

Website — How is your website looking? Are you getting the kind of traffic you want? Is it user friendly? Keeping your website appealing and relevant to your audience is more important than ever with the wide variety of companies emerging on the scene at a rapid pace.

Blog — Your blog not only drives traffic to your website, but it also makes a connection and solidifies your brand. When done well, the potential for increased traffic is great due to people sharing your blog and continuing to come back to it as a source of information and inspiration.

These three mediums are not only important for your business and brand, but they are also a valuable team. By utilizing your e-newsletter to inform and remind your clients and business partners about your services via your latest blog post you are maintaining a constant flow of traffic to your website.


Photo courtesy of Jon Sullivan