Happy Pants helps authority figures become published authors

When a want-to-be author is stuck, sometimes he just needs to put on his Happy Pants.

Kevin Tumlinson knows what it’s like to not only write a novel, but publish it, market it and – whoa – profit from it. Since 2010, Tumlinson has self-published 12 speculative fiction novels, with eight more being edited and readied for publication.happypants-300x300

Kevin publishes his own novels under his Happy Pants Creative publishing imprint. While navigating the self-publishing process, he developed and refined a model and a system for writing, publishing and marketing a book.

Now, Kevin and Happy Pants are using that model and knowledge to help others who want to become an author. “That’s a big deal for me, being able to help other people who are struggling with what I was struggling with when I wrote my first book.”

“Through my services and podcast, I’ve helped hundreds of authors go from wanting to write a book one day to having a book with their name on it,” he said.

Happy Pants Creative is really aimed at authority-business building. It provides assistance to coaches, consultants, speakers and other professionals who make their living from their expertise. Happy Pants’ primary tool for building a client up as an expert is through helping them publish and market a book.

Having a book published under their name provides instant credibility, Kevin said. Public speakers can actually double their rates if they have a published book – besides the money they make from selling the book.

“People are hardwired to think writing a book is hard. And it is,” he said. “So we think anyone who has enough patience and enough expertise to write a book, enough stamina and skill to write an entire book about their expertise, we automatically think of that person as smart. Just having your name on a book tells people that you’re a smart person and an authority on that topic.”

It’s really a publish or perish world, Kevin said. “If you don’t have a book, you’re really hurting yourself. If you’re doing anything at all that requires you to work with your experience and your expertise as your main resource and you don’t have a book, you’re throwing away the opportunity to make a ton of money and to really make a living from this business.”

It’s not even really about the money, he said. It’s about building a life for yourself. “If you’re doing the thing that keeps you passionate and inspired, why wouldn’t you do everything you can to make sure you get to keep doing that?”

Speakers who set up a booth at a convention they’re speaking at can sell a lot of books, Kevin said. But day to day, they don’t necessarily need to worry about selling the book. Instead, it can serve as a type of business card, a tool to captivate a great client relationship.

Happy Pants helps these future authors with every step of the process. They start by sitting down with the client to discover what they should write. Then, based on the average length of similar books, Happy Pants sets a total word count, determines how many words a day the writer should write and holds the writer accountable through weekly check-ins. It also offers ghostwriting services for those clients who don’t have the time or patience to write a book, and a write-a-book-in-30-days program.

Happy Pants also helps with cover design, layout, publication and marketing as well as translation, transcription and other ancillary services.

While the service isn’t inexpensive, its value is beyond calculation, he said.

“The people who really get it, they can see this as an investment and the ROI is an increased opportunity for revenue, an ability for increased reach, and the ability to establish your authority quickly and easily rather than spending a year doing it. I save them money and time. That’s what it all comes down to.”

Happy Pants works with writers of fiction and non-fiction. Kevin hosts two podcasts: The Wordslinger Podcast and the Self Publishing Answers Podcast.