The Best Ways to Find Locals on Twitter

Twitter local

Does your business rely on a local network? Are you connecting with as many active Twitter users nearby as you can? We’ve already examined How to Optimize Your Twitter Page, now let’s examine some easy ways for you to find locals on Twitter.

Twitter Search

Using the advanced Twitter Search function, you can search near your place of business and find a list of people tweeting around you. Remember when we made Twitter Lists? It would be a good idea to add these users to a “Neighbors” list, that way if you decide to organize a Tweetup, you’ll have a great place to start with users to invite.

Maybe your competition is a nearby business. With the advanced search, you can find out if there are users nearby who post positive or negative tweets about your competitor, as well as who asks questions or sends retweets. You can even search for tweets in foreign languages.


Twitaholics Not So Anonymous gives you an instant profile of your city and its users. You can sort based on followers, following, updates, and when a user joined Twitter.

Twellowhood Watch

Find out the interests of your local Twitter community with Twellow, a site that categorizes users under recreation, entertainment, technology, news and more. There are also a number of subcategories under each category to help you narrow your search even further. Another useful site like Twellow is, which integrates Google Maps with a Twitter feed of users near your location.

Twitter’s robust advanced search feature gives you excellent access to information about the users in your community. Since no single site will capture every user you seek in a search, however, it’s a good idea to use other sites to crosscheck your advanced Twitter search results. Use search today, watch your local presence grow, and remember to be social!