Who Does the Writing for Your Business?

Does your company have great initiatives for writing new website content, improving employee manuals or developing project management processes? Maybe your organization has some hot ideas for bringing in new clients. The strategists in your office are striving to help grow the business, improve processes for employee productivity and increase client satisfaction. With so many organizations working cleaner and smaller, how do these initiatives get implemented and communicated to employees or potential customers? It is frequently the person who has the least amount of time to devote to actually writing all of this content down. So what happens? All the great ideas are not captured accurately or promoted effectively.

Who Should Write it All Down?

These are the times when it makes sense to bring someone on board who is focused on collecting the content, clarifying the intent and the audience, and getting it down on paper or up on the website. Many wonderful plans get lost when the information needs to be shared and acted on because no one has time to put it all together. Copywriters fill a gap that is often left between ideas and concrete action.

Dedicated to the Business or to the Words?

Whether your team needs to post social media content to bring in followers and potential customers or post the information on the corporate website so that employees can get to it and do their jobs the right way, someone needs to be dedicated to this job. It’s great to be dedicated to growing and improving the business, but dedication to the words matter, too! The ability to focus on the setup of the information and its maintenance makes a big difference in its effectiveness.

Processes, goals and messages always change over time. The changes need to be reflected in your documentation. Relevant, current content can make the difference between an idea or a document getting lost in the dust and actually being used, referred to and followed.

Take a look around your office. Who will be assigned the capturing and documenting of your next big idea? You, the person down the hall who is already overloaded, or a dedicated writing professional to get the job done right?