A Cause to Collaborate: Launching The Center’s Website

Every now and again, a client comes along with an inspiring project that brings out the very best among creative partners. In collaboration with Aleberry Creative Group and Marketing Refresh, GlobalWrites recently wrapped up one such project with the launch of the brand new website for The Center, a Houston organization serving persons with intellectual disabilities by fostering opportunities for choice, independence and growth in a nurturing environment.

The Center’s previous website no longer functioned in a way that was useful to The Center, a common problem that many organizations face. The Center’s innovative programs and thriving community need a dynamic online home that demonstrated The Center’s mission in action while providing opportunities for supporters and donors to meaningfully engage The Center. Tasked with developing new content for The Center’s website, GlobalWrites collaborated with the talented web design team at Aleberry Creative and Marketing Refresh to develop a website that reflected The Center’s vision, mission, and values.

The Center's old website
The Center’s website before
The Center's new website
The Center’s website now — dynamic, engaging and representative of the great work they do

From content to design to imagery, a non-profit organization’s online presence is a crucial component for fundraising, volunteer recruitment, education, and advocacy. Marketing Refresh’s project management services led an effective collaboration between GlobalWrites, Aleberry Creative and The Center to produce a wholly new website that truly represents The Center.

The Center’s cause is a worthy one, so when you check out the new website be sure to “test” the Donate Now button and support The Center today.