Dave Schafer

Dave has written for newspapers, magazines, newsletters, websites, corporations (external) and corporations again (internal) over the past decade. He specializes in internal communications — particularly those complex benefits pieces, newsletters and case studies — and materials that tell the stories of a company and its people.

Dave has a journalism degree from Kent State University (yes, the one from “Four Dead in Ohio”), and he worked the crime beat at a rural newspaper in Ohio before moving to Houston, where he’s written for the Chronicle and several local magazines. He brings that flare of journalism to his corporate communications — he digs deep into the facts behind the message, and he looks for a way to tell the information in an entertaining way, so that the audience chooses to read the important stuff companies are trying to communicate.

He also spent more than seven years writing human resources communications for the city of Houston, giving him a strong understanding of how government entities operate and their communications needs.

Although he still writes for magazines, his focus now is on helping companies and organizations find their voice. After years of part-time freelancing, he quit his steady-pay job and took the full-time freelance plunge in February 2012.