JoAnn Takasaki

Takasaki is a professional wordsmith who shapes words into compelling messages that inspire, excite and compel. She’s a market savvy innovator who understands the interplay between the medium and the message to strategically use print, media and online channels to maximize a message’s impact. As the founder of GlobalWrites, Takasaki brings these skills and more to a diverse client base.

Takasaki has spent her career honing her talent for organizations that need a competitive, global reach in an increasingly crowded online market. After earning a degree in English with a minor in International Relations from Smith College, Takasaki began her career working for non-profits before positioning herself in the emerging Internet industry where she has been at the forefront of web marketing and online trends since 1996. From Internet start-up to banking to working at one of AdWeek’s Top 50 Interactive Agencies, she cultivated a diverse skillset from sales and marketing, project management, and strategic thinking that allowed her to make the leap to independent consulting and freelance copy, technical and editorial writing. She loves nothing more than serving the unique needs of clients from across the globe.

In her spare time, JoAnn can be found eating just about anywhere a plane can take her. She comes by her food and travel bug honestly. You can read about it in her best selling cookbook, Luau Like a Local, that she co-wrote with her mother in 2014.