We are honored to have worked with some great people over the years! Here are some of their kind words about GlobalWrites and our writers:


“My experience working with JoAnn and her team at GlobalWrites was a wonderful one. They maintained professionalism, were very responsive, and were extremely patient with me. I had never assisted in web development/design before, but GlobalWrites made it easy!”

—Rebecca McElroy, Tax CPA at Maddox, Thomson & Associates

“JoAnn and her team from GlobalWrites did a terrific job with helping our accounting firm Maddox, Thomson update our website and all of our copy. See www.maddoxthomson.com to examine their good work.”

—Larry E. Maddox, Partner and President of Maddox, Thomson & Associates

“I’ve personally worked with JoAnn and Global Writes on a handful of writing projects for websites and emails. I’ve always been impressed with the team’s attention to detail, creativity and proactive approach to pitching new ideas.”

—Sarah Nelson, Digital Marketing Manager at H-E-B

“We have been using GlobalWrites for over three years and we are very happy with the work they have done for us. GlobalWrites is very dependable and consistently delivers high quality work.”

—Kartik Dixit, Board Member at Indigo Beam

“I have had and continue to have the benefit of contracting JoAnn and her GlobalWrites team since 2009. Since then, they have written and updated numerous application guides for both custom and off-the-shelf software applications. In some cases, the guides and documents created were critical to our daily operations. In addition, they have trained many of our users in various topics ranging from phones usage to software usage. JoAnn and her GlobalWrites team have the understanding and flexibility to work with various users with a wide range of skills, temperaments and personalities. Using JoAnn and the GlobalWrites team continues to remain the right decision.”

—Scott Ivan Zeitz, Manager, Information Systems, HCFCD

“JoAnn has an eye for the obscure and intriguing, which makes her an ideal city guide writer. Her monthly column has highlighted Houston’s roller derby, medical museum, beer can house and alternative art spaces — all in zippy, energetic prose. The breadth of her cultural knowledge is matched by her commitment to quality writing. She’s also one of the friendliest freelancers you could hope to meet. It has been a pleasure to work with her.”

—Tracy Walsh, Associate Editor, Ink Publishing

“In a world where just about everyone is a “writer,” it’s good to know that a few of those people are truly committed and practiced in their craft. JoAnn Takasaki is 100%, by my standards, one of those people. Her writing does what it sets out to do; conveys the message, tells a story, and leaves you wanting more (words and work!). From an editor’s point of view, one of the toughest parts of the job is staying on top of your editorial staff. JoAnn will definitely give you a break in this department, as she is consistently on track with her work and has yet to encounter a deadline problem with any of her projects for me.”

—Douglas Madey, Assistant Editor, WCities.com

“After being frustrated by a local copywriter who had a difficult time making sense of my new Internet business, and to explain it in simple terms on the web site, I felt it was time to cross the country and go back to JoAnn who has been involved with and writing for Internet technologies and businesses since the mid ’90s. And, indeed, she looked at our Web site marketing challenges, suggested appropriate content organization changes, and made the copy friendly and easy to read. She then did a powerful editing work on all our FAQs, and wrote additional marketing and press release materials that communicated our message effectively each time.JoAnn is also fun to work with, extremely organized, and always meets her deadline. It is a constant pleasure to work with her.”

—Michel Godts, Owner and Creative Director, ActivityQuest.com

“JoAnn really shines as a writer. The great part is that she can write for business as well as creative topics. I have worked with her on many HP SMB projects and more recently I hired her to rewrite my resume. With the business writing, she always understood the subject matter and never missed a deadline. As for the resume, I was hired immediately at the company that I wanted to work for. Two thumbs way up for JoAnn!”

—Kirby Kana, (former) Creative Director, Idea Integration

“JoAnn is a pleasure to work with. Her enthusiasm and creative input for copy writing makes projects sail with success. She has a great open-minded attitude which enables her to absorb suggestions and construct new ideas. JoAnn is fun to be around and a true professional – consistently delivering, on time, top-notch copy that effectively communicates the message needed.”

—Sonya Wilson, (former) Senior Art Director, Idea Integration

“JoAnn Takasaki demonstrates excellent attention to detail and command of project scheduling. She consistently performs at an impressively high level of quality, and has the ability to discern otherwise subtle issues and challenges that require attention and would typically “fall through the cracks”. JoAnn effectively balances immediate milestones with the long-term goals of the business. She is a great team player and comes highly recommended.”

—Dave Scheffer, (former) Technical Design Manager, Net Explorer

“What endorsement could be better than to state the fact that wherever I go, I invite JoAnn to join the team? She develops and nurtures relationships, knows how to execute and is a genius and articulate communicator. If I ever run for President, JoAnn will be my campaign manager.”

—Phil Boyer, (former) Senior Vice President, Bank United

“During our time together at Idea, I was impressed by JoAnn’s ability to manage not only projects, but resources and client relationships as well. Her processes were concise and well-documented, and made my transition to her team seamless. The clients we worked with adored and trusted her, and thanks to JoAnn we were able to grow a once-small account into a large and profitable one.”

—Jessica Zimmerman, (former) Account Executive, Idea Integration

“Working on projects managed by JoAnn is a dream: she is always pro-active and seem to solve problems before they even happen. And then, her combined experience in marketing and web production, made our communication with Net Explorer so much easier: she just knew what our graphic design firm was asking!”

—Michel Godts, (former) Creative Director, Savage Design Group

“JoAnn has the unique ability to choose her altitude when writing. She can take a reader in closely, or provide a more lay-of-the-land perspective with incredible skill. The key is her style, which draws readers to experience the subject matter through her eyes. I’ve seen JoAnn do this in 500 words or less, in a column buried inside a newspaper. That takes some serious chops to pull off.”

—Dallas Baker, (former) Editor, Midtown Paper