Empyrean Finds the Solution to a Better Website

Empyrean Benefit Solutions provides and manages health benefits with innovative solutions and services for employers, benefits brokers, consultants and carriers. The company oversees the benefits packages of more than 150 organizations — equaling more than 1.5 million plan participant accounts to securely store, support and manage.

Empyrean's old Services page
Empyrean’s old Services page

The Houston company wanted a redesigned website to act as a secondary sales tool for people who visit the site after learning about the company elsewhere. They were looking for a site with a stronger call to action than the current site had, that built and reinforced awareness of the company and their brand, and that helped develop direct online sales leads – things the current site didn’t do very effectively.

Empyrean had the in-house expertise to design the site but wanted help drafting the content. That’s where GlobalWrites came in with a two-step solution.

We began by crafting a site strategy document to solidify our goals and create consistency of message. The 14-page document examined competitor’s websites to see what they were doing well and not-so-well and listed keywords we wanted to focus on for each page. It also included a site map for the new website.

Empyrean reviewed the strategy, made modifications where appropriate and approved the strategy, giving its teams and the Globalwrites writer a solid foundation for the next step of the process: drafting the content for each of the 36 pages of the site.

Empyrean's new Services page -- cleaner and more concise
Empyrean’s new Services page — cleaner and more concise.

The content was drafted around relevant keywords and focused on informing the page viewer about the IT solutions and services Empyrean provides. Empyrean was happy with the text, having very few changes to the first version.

To view the new website for Empyrean, visit www.goempyrean.com.