Empyrean’s Benefit Administration Platform Puts Clients In Control

In recent years health care benefits and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have risen to center stage for many employers and their HR departments. One company in particular is working hard to ensure that HR administrators have the ability to build, manage and customize the benefits administration experience for themselves and their employees. Empyrean Benefit Administration PlatformEmpyrean’s benefit administration platform includes tools ranging from SafeHarbor, used to track ACA compliance requirements for employers to Compass, used by employees to access and control their individual health care benefit.

GlobalWrites worked with Empyrean Programmers and Implementation Managers to document their benefit administration tools for clients and employees. The complexity of the ACA requirements made the documentation task challenging. The range of Empyrean’s software tools meant that GlobalWrites had to adjust the depth and technical focus of each document for different audiences.

SafeHarbor is a stand-alone 30 hour ACA compliance tracking tool. Without diving into the specifics of the gears under the hood of the software, it was critical to explain clearly some of the logic that drives the program’s decision making. Because the majority of SafeHarbor users are Human Resources administrators who are more familiar with benefits administration than software the documentation needed to define the ACA rules and how they areSafeHarbor product web page implemented in SafeHarbor without getting bogged down in the code. Similarly, Compass, the elegant and easy employee interface for benefits services will be used by people who may or may not have any software expertise, but who want to sign up for and track their benefits online.

At the other end of the spectrum are MAP (Manager Access Point) and Meridian. MAP is an administrator application that allows benefits administrators to manage their own benefits administration platform. The Meridian program is currently used by the internal Empyrean implementation team to build and manage a benefits administration platform. Ultimately, Meridian will allow clients to do this on their own. MAP and Meridian users may often have coding and scripting expertise which required documentation written at a higher technical level to meet the more complex users’ knowledge base.

GlobalWrites’ assistance with a broad range of software documentation enabled the Empyrean implementation teams to focus on building and fine tuning the right products and services for their clients. The documentation was also posted on an internal site that the team easily accesses throughout the design process. Leaving the documentation to a skilled team of writers ensures that the Empyrean teams have quality user guides and wikis, without sacrificing their ability to focus on their clients’ needs.