Fluid IT Services Blog and Social Media Case Study

Fluid IT Services blogPlano, TX-based Fluid IT Services has a unique approach to technology services. They believe that small and medium businesses should enjoy the same high-class cloud technology solutions as the big corporations while still getting the one-on-one, quality IT support that these small businesses need to thrive.

Fluid starts with the business – not the technology. They talk to the business and find out what their goals are, and then help them create an IT roadmap that supports it now and prepares it for the future.

They approached their marketing in the same way. They wanted to help people solve their technology problems, not just sell them things. In 2013, it was time to expand their reach and really get their name out there. So Fluid’s founder and CEO, Wade Yeaman, engaged Marketing Refresh to help them do just that.

Terri Hoffman of Marketing Refresh helped Fluid define a marketing plan that would support the Fluid mission while respecting the quality-service-first mentality of the entire Fluid team. Terri then brought GlobalWrites in to help Fluid create content for their blog, and eventually create a social media strategy as well.

Fluid IT Services Twitter @fluiditservicesIn the 10 months that we have been helping Fluid with their blog content, Fluid’s website traffic has doubled and the bounce rate has decreased.

In the 6 months since we provided Fluid with a social media strategy and
began to help them with the implementation, their Twitter and LinkedIn follower numbers have both more than doubled.

The three-way partnership between Fluid IT Services, Marketing Refresh and GlobalWrites is a testament to the power of a team that is focused on providing quality services at every turn.