Gobs of Gobza Work

Gobza might just be the next big thing in shopping and Internet marketing — an online site where shoppers can go and select from a variety of discount deals for services, products and entertainment, and where companies can advertise special deals for free. Gobza, which will launch in September, wanted to drum up excitement, keep its community (the most important element of the Gobza model) informed and clearly explain to businesses and shoppers just how this brand new, not-a-daily-deal site works.

They contacted GlobalWrites to help with editing and wordsmithing. They had very definite ideas of what they wanted to say and how, so our job was to smooth it over and, at times, write it in a more basic way, using everyday language.

Over two months, we helped with several documents:

  • Weekly informational, 700-word email newsletters giving updates and building excitement among members.
  • A video script describing how shoppers, businesses and nonprofits make money off Gobza.
  • A 30-page “digibrochure” (digital brochure) that explained in great detail how the site will work.

That got them through most of the pre-launch materials. We also helped them better understand the processes involved in a communications campaign so that they could take that information and begin producing their own weekly updates and other reminders.

P.S. You can only join Gobza by invitation. If you want to join – to shop for discounts or get free advertising for your business or non-profit – use this link: http://gobza.com/15770.