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Perani's Hockey World
Perani’s Hockey World Redesigned Site

Perani’s Hockey World sells both lacrosse and hockey gear and is staffed by lacrosse and hockey players who are passionate about the sports. They know the gear inside and out because they use it every chance they get. With locations throughout the Midwest and Canada, they are strategically positioned to consult with customers who are players themselves, or customers who may be buying a gift or getting their child their first set of gear.

Hockey World’s biggest differentiator and competitive edge is their personalized, knowledgeable customer service that customers can get in-store, and it’s fueled by their passion for their products. More than that, their customer service is integral to the brand. They asked Marketing Refresh to help them overcome that challenge online and communicate that passion when developing their digital brand strategy. The Marketing Refresh team that implemented the online re-brand and site redesign included DesignBigger and The Black Sheep Agency. GlobalWrites assisted with the non-product, customer service pages.

Perani's Hockey World Before the Redesign
Perani’s Hockey World Before the Redesign

For the online retailer, it was critical to their branding to make sure the online customer — who may not be able to come into the bricks-and-mortar store — understands that they still have access to terrific customer service and shopping assistance. Providing as much information as possible so the customer can make their own selections, while also making it easy for the customer to provide feedback, return items, and take advantage of the low price guarantee, was also all part of the Hockey World brand they wanted to communicate.

Hockey World logo

Though GlobalWrites played a small role in this project, we were proud to be part of this re-brand/redesign for a retailer that truly cares about their customers and employees, and is unswervingly committed to bringing them tremendous value, enthusiasm and satisfaction. Between their already loyal following and a beautifully executed site redesign, they are well on their way to reaching their goals. With Marketing Refresh helping to execute a well-thought out, integrated digital strategy that takes full advantage of DesignBigger’s SEO/SEM expertise and The Black Sheep Agency’s PR savvy, Hockey World is sure to win big.