Making it Flow for Fluid IT Services

Fluid’s Former Site Team Page

Marketing Refresh was engaged by Fluid IT Services to help them with a rebrand, starting with their web site. GlobalWrites worked closely with Terri Hoffman of Marketing Refresh, Gira Desai and William Bradley of Aleberry Creative Group, and the management team at Fluid. We conducted a strategic communications study resulting in a Web Strategy & Creative Brief, which included content architecture, competitive research and analysis, recommendations and new branding guidelines.

With that web strategy in hand, Bradley and Desai revamped Fluid’s logo and designed a new, template-based site that really showcased the clean, efficient, and modern personality of Fluid. Having identified additional visual assets, such as photography and video, Hoffman art-directed the photo shoot, ensured every asset was true to the newly defined brand standard and handled all aspects of the project management. Jessica Mehring and I worked together on all of the copywriting and editing of new and existing content to better express the hands-on, customer first service attitude, with a dash of humor. Fluid Services took the templates, visual and text assets and built the site themselves. They did a wonderful job and launched the fruit of all of our labor just last week. We couldn’t be more proud!

Fluid’s New Team Page
(Mouse over their photos to catch a glimpse of their personalities!)

We’ve had the pleasure of working with a ton of great clients and a carefully selected group of delivery partners over the years, but this project really stands out. The combination of skill-sets, personalities, mutual respect, responsiveness of every single team member including the client, and an unswerving commitment to the schedule made this one of my favorite projects in 2013 to work on. When we get to work with the client to conduct a study in conjunction with our stellar delivery partners, and then follow it all the way through the content development and beyond, that’s when we get to flex our muscles and show the full extent of our web chops.

We’re looking forward to our ongoing relationship with Fluid and Marketing Refresh, and helping Fluid build their momentum of growth on this solid foundation of a web presence that better demonstrates how they truly empower business.