Nursing a Complex Compliance Report to Coherence

Aleberry Creative Group enlisted GlobalWrites to rewrite a company’s assisted-living government-compliance survey report. You know, everyday stuff. The good news on this project was that the content, the information, was already there. Aleberry’s job was to make it more concise and easier to read visually. They brought it to us to help with the content. Aleberry did a fantastic job designing the document in Word. And anyone who has had to wrangle with Microsoft Word(c) knows that it’s no easy task to design with it!

I knew a couple of things: The client wanted it shorter, more succinct. And the audience was people who ran nursing homes. So, the first thing I did was cut a lot of the explanatory information. For example, the people getting this report would already know why they were getting it and what a Certification and Survey Provider Enhanced Report is. So, I cut those paragraphs. After that, it came together easily, as I simply focused on rewriting what was said in a clear, concise manner and cutting out non-essential redundancies.

As you can imagine, the report was riddled with acronyms. Sometimes, those acronyms were defined — in fact, a few of them were defined multiple times — and sometimes they weren’t defined at all. To handle them, I created an “Acronyms box” so that it would all be very clear, obvious and in one place — and it wouldn’t have to be repeated in the text.

With thoughtful editing, I was able to cut the report down by 15% from just around 2,000 words to just over 1,700 words. But what was left is clearer and stronger. My first draft was approved.

Before — big blocks of text


After — a much easier read