Seremedi Strategy and Pitch Deck Case Study

CarescriptionsHouston, TX-based Seremedi, Inc., is building technology through its CareScriptions™ product that offers personalized guided care to patients with chronic illness and their caregivers. This helps minimize patient distress calls, unplanned doctor and emergency room visits, as well as hospital readmissions resulting from patient uncertainty or confusion about treatment instructions. Seremedi’s CEO, Kim Bond Evans, engaged Aleberry Creative to help her with branding and marketing communications for CareScriptions™.

Her development plan called for venture capital funding, and she found her pitch deck needed a fresh approach to stand out from “every other venture capital pitch deck” to secure this essential backing. Aleberry referred her to GlobalWrites for help in finding a differentiating strategy and a winning pitch—and she needed it quickly to meet an aggressive schedule in the upcoming pitch season.

GlobalWrites spent a half day with Kim to build a foundational understanding of the product, review the current pitch deck and brainstorm on potential differentiation strategies. Through this work, we collaborated with Kim to help her deconstruct her product messages, catalog features and benefits, clarify her differentiators and spell out her already well-conceived business plan. GlobalWrites reworked these elements, reassembling, reshaping and refocusing them to execute on the new strategy.

A key part of the strategy was to consolidate “What It Is” and “How It Works” into a video/animation, compressing the time needed in her pitch to articulate these aspects of the product. We crafted an engaging script for the vidcarescriptions2eo based on Kim’s own experience helping her mother manage her health. An understanding of the product essentials yielded through an economized few minutes now enables the remainder of Kim’s pitch time to focus on conveying a well-articulated growth strategy, competitive advantages, use of funds and a persuasive financial return.

In a few short weeks, GlobalWrites helped Kim distill and prioritize her product story elements and her business strategy, resulting in slide-ready content, a polished script, and updated potential partner and investor briefs coordinated with the new narrative and essential messaging.

Kim was well pleased with the revamped approach, a compelling weaving of strategy in words that she could marry with an evolved visual strategy from Aleberry. Seremedi’s CareScriptions™ is well on its way to standing out from the crowd in the venture capital forum, now with a new base of strategic messaging to inform the next stages of its progressive marketing approach.carescriptions3