Inbound Marketing

Who are your people and where do they play? What interests them and how should you engage them? The answer to these questions might not be so obvious. We bring a journalist’s inquisitiveness for facts and information to tailor a creative voice for your content in each communication channel.


Blogs are an excellent way to give your audience a look into your company’s beliefs, thought processes and business practices, but they can be challenging to maintain. Some clients hire us to help their staff come up with blog post ideas and an editorial calendar, and other clients hire us to ghostwrite blog posts for them.


Ebooks are easy to publish and can be a passport to other work, speaking engagements, press, and revenue for your company, but the writing process can be daunting and time-consuming. Ghostwriting is a popular option for our blogging and Ebook clients. We help you distill your message and develop the voice and structure for public appeal, and then write for you, as if we were you.


Whether you want to create a web series about your business, a training video for your employees, or introduce a product to market, we can handle the scriptwriting, storyboarding, filming, editing, and uploading.

Social Media

Our social media consultation services are designed to make companies self-sufficient in handling their social networks. We offer:

  • Training sessions – How to be social on LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest
  • Profile Development – Company Profiles and Personal Profile writing for each social network
  • Calendar Setup – How and when to schedule posts for each social outlet and maintain an editorial calendar


How do you write an email that gets a response? Do you know when to send out emails for the most impact? So many of our clients need help with email marketing, writing internal company emails, and timing their email publication.

  • Error handling
  • Thank you
  • Opt In pages
  • Auto-response
  • Contact Form
  • Internal Communications


We craft newsletters that echo the voice of your company, reach your audience at the optimal time of day, and keep your customer base interested and enthusiastic about your product or service. A great newsletter complements your website.