THRIVE With UT Physicians: Branding For Women’s Healthcare, Phase 2


THRIVE_casestudy2Coming fresh off of Phase 1, the team at UT Physicians asked GlobalWrites to create fresh marketing materials and an engaging site that details each of THRIVE’s core components.

Consisting of a rack card, a brochure, a poster and five landing pages, the women’s healthcare project needed to invite women to learn more about taking charge of their health by enrolling in one of THRIVE’s four programs—CARE, CHOICES+, HEAL and HOPE.

GlobalWrites was challenged with expanding the THRIVE universe into marketing collateral the brought their key message across multiple platforms. The site was expanded to include a total of five landing pages, a comprehensive-yet-catchy brochure was created and a rack card with vital information was handed out.

Partner Kirby Kana used the palette and graphic treatments created in Phase 1 as a starting point for these gorgeous materials, creating visually engaging materials to entice and inform.

Our team was thrilled to work on such a worthwhile project with people who are really making a difference in the lives of Houston-area women.

Learn more about the programs and see our work in action at


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