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Spring Forward: Refresh Your Marketing Collateral

Refresh your marketing collateral using fresh graphics, logos and consistent messaging and propel your business forward with updated marketing content. Read more


Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly? Ask Google.

Yesterday Google began rolling out the mobile-friendly update to their search algorithm. Check your site with their free Mobile-Friendly Test. Read more


Video Scriptwriting Part One: Writing a Script After Shooting Footage

Imagine you’re a video scriptwriter in the world of video scriptwriting. Someone hands you fourteen transcribed interviews and a general storyline idea for a video. Each interview is 20-30 minutes long, and the overall video needs to be less than five minutes long. Read more


Azoogma: Helping Clients Expand Communications to International Markets

When mid-sized companies find that it is time to expand internationally, they are in the right position to take advantage of Azoogma's services in this area. Read more


Engagement During an Online Crisis

Things go wrong, so your company must plan ahead for online crisis management. Swift, empathetic responses and a thoughtful resolution can turn an angry customer into a loyal one. Read more


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A few words from our clients:

“During our time together at Idea, I was impressed by JoAnn’s ability to manage not only projects, but resources and client relationships as well. Her processes were concise and well-documented, and made my transition to her team seamless. The clients we worked with adored and trusted her, and thanks to JoAnn we were able to grow a once-small account into a large and profitable one.” Read more